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Business and Product Development

Our teams has 40+ years of experience finding solutions to the most complex of problems world wide.   We pride ourselves in helping clients discover new partners and new markets. Our outside of the box strategies give our clients the most viable options for growth. Business development revolves around strong relationships and strategic partnerships.  Protek Services has a vast network and unique skill set which allows us to provide more effective solutions to your toughest issues.  Our core mission is to protect the future by providing science based, innovative, environmentally friendly solutions to global clients.

Some Areas We Service

*Cyber Security/Cloud Based Infrastructure/Data Centers 

* Body Armor

* Drones

* Military Equipment

* Open Source and Closed Network Intel

* Training (all facets, ie - personnel security, computing, intel collection, etc.)

With our assistance our clients have been able to to participate in  international government contracts worth over $500 million.   We assist our clients from start to finish with projects.  From product development through project management no matter how big or how small.  

Current Noted Areas of Service

AI Technology

We have partnered with an AI company who offers cutting edge health technology.  This technology fuses multiple data sources to provide real time health tracking while evaluating on-site hazards which is of the utmost importance to those who are entering unknown situations such as military, fire and police.  This technology provides immediate actionable intel to multiple levels of command allowing them to make optimal decisions.


Strategic partnerships allow us to offer our clients high performance remediation products that are so safe they can clean the harshest conventional and synthetic hydrocarbons with complete safety and protection to the environment and staff.

  • In-situ remediation of hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and many other organic compounds that eliminate hazardous disposal of most materials while reducing the carbon footprint of the overall process with tremendous cost savings.
  • A complete regeneration solution that allows, contaminated soils or wastewater streams to regenerate to a healthy and active state for effective and safe release or re-use.
  • Elimination of organic loading and a specialized bio-dredging process that removes organic sludge with no system disruption/disposal.
  • A team of industry specialists and scientists available to assist in all aspects of the job.
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